You are Probably Making These 4 Mistakes in the Shower

Shower in PerthTaking a shower is not only good for your health but also relaxing. It’s now even more convenient to enjoy a good hot shower especially with the excellent services offered by reputable contractors in Perth. However, every good thing comes with a set of problems especially when misused.

Pacer Plumbing shares the common mistakes that people should avoid while in the shower.

Getting in the Shower for Too Long

Research shows that spending more than ten minutes in the shower is harmful to your skin. This is because the water strips your skin of moisture and can lead to chronic dry skin especially for people who already have dry skin.

Using Anti-Bacterial Soaps

These soaps contain harsh chemicals and fragrances which make your skin dry and damaged. These can potentially lead to itchiness and flakiness. Using a natural moisturising bathing bar is a better alternative. And if possible, avoid anti-bacterial soaps as much as possible.

Scrubbing Your Face Daily

The skin of the face is way thinner and softer than the rest of the body. Therefore, scrubbing your face daily can wear and tear your skin making it dry and rough. Ironically, it makes your skin more oily because your sebaceous glands will secrete more natural oil to compensate for the lost oil.

Shaving and Waxing Before Showering

People have a habit of shaving or waxing before taking a shower. This is bad because it can damage your skin. To get a real smooth shave, always shave after a shower as the water opens up the skin pores and hair follicles. So next time ensure you shave your beard or body hairs after taking a shower.

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Bathing is a daily ritual, and so it’s only right if you do it correctly to avoid any adverse effects on your skin. Remember, your skin defines you as a person so take good care of it.

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