Windowsill Gardening: Indoor Plants that Take Up Little Space

Indoor plants displayed on the windowsillYou do not need to give up the joys of gardening just because you have limited space. You can successfully grow plants on your windowsill if you know how to care for them. All you need is a good selection of plants, some nice pots or planters and a window that receives sufficient daylight.

If you live in a colder area, your plants will grow best if they are protected from low temperatures by double glazing since, according to Finesse Windows, double glazing provides better insulation than standard glass windows.

Getting Started

The position of your window is very important when you are growing plants on your windowsill. You want your plants to get the maximum amount of sunlight, so that they can grow and be healthy. South facing windows receive the most sunlight, but any window that receives at least five to six hours of sun will suffice.

Some plants, particularly herbs that typically grow under trees, can survive with less sunlight. Herbs such as basil, chives, oregano, sage and mint usually grow in the shadow of much larger plants and therefore do well indoors.

The size of your planters matter when starting a windowsill garden. You can pick individual pots or build a box — both options can be attractive. For growing salad leaves, a 20 cm deep window box is ideal, but carrots and beans will require a planter that is at least 30 cm deep. Some herbs and flowers can survive in shallower pots, but no matter what plants you choose, be careful not to crowd them.

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Caring for Your Plants

Once you have set everything up, you will need to keep your plants well fed and watered. One of the main problems of windowsill gardens is that the containers can dry out quickly. You have to water them regularly without drowning them. Ideally, the soil just below the surface should be only slightly damp.

Periodically add extra feed to maintain nutrient levels in the soil. Applying a good fertiliser or liquid feed once a fortnight should be sufficient.

Gardening indoors is a great hobby and adds a bit of colour to your home. Make the most of your limited space by turning your windowsill into a miniature garden.

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