Why a Furnace May Frequently Turn On And Off

Furnace Repair Service in UtahA furnace is said to be developing a short cycling problem if it keeps turning on and off. If a furnace develops a cycling problem during the winter, your house would not stay warm. Every homeowner finds a furnace that frequently turns on and off frequently quite annoying. What they don’t spend time doing is finding out the cause of the short cycling problem. 

Larsen HVAC shares some reasons why the furnace may often go off and on.

Dirty air filters

A furnace with dirty air filters will experience short cycling problems more often. Adequate air cannot get into the furnace if the air filter is dirty. This is no good for any furnace whether residential or commercial. If adequate air does not blow over the heat exchanger of a furnace, it may overheat and eventually shut down. If your furnace has a washable air filter, it’s recommended that you wash it once a month. If the dirty filter is not washable, replace it.

Thermostat problems

Although several thermostat issues could cause the furnace to keep turning on and off, malfunctioning and improper placement are the two main ones. A thermostat that is not working properly would often turn the furnace off and on. If the thermostat problem is beyond repair, replace it with a quality one. Placing the thermostat near heat sources such as the heat register or sunlight would give the thermostat sensors the wrong signals.

Too big furnace

If the furnace you install is too large compared to your home needs, it will quickly heat your home and shut off immediately. Once cool air fills the house, the furnace will heat the house and shut down in no time. If this continues for a long time, the furnace will definitely break down. If the size is the reason it’s turned off and on, the solution is getting a proper-sized furnace. Getting a competent contractor to calculate heat load of the new furnace helps you to know whether it’s the right size or not.

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If the short cycling problem is not fixed in good time, the furnace may break down prematurely. A furnace that is turning off and on shows it’s straining and getting it late repairs may be quite expensive. Keeping the furnace filters clean, proper thermostat placement and getting the right-sized furnace ensures you don’t frequently go for furnace repair services in Utah.

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