Water is More Important than Electricity

Water Supply In CaliforniaThe greatest thing that industrialization brought to humans is electricity. Without it, life now wouldn’t be the same for most of the civilized world. But, water takes precedence and dominance in history and importance, respectively. It’s the fuel of civilizations from the very beginning, and until now, humans won’t be able to live without it.

On a very micro-scale, you see the same arrangement in a house. Electricity and water supply are the backbones of daily life, providing sustenance and power to the tools everyone uses. But, if you’re to fix something, should it be your plumbing or the utilities?

Water is Life

With electricity sources becoming more diverse by the year, each home will become self-sustaining in the future. As for water and its delivery system, the government will always be in charge and plumbers will ensure that you get a constant supply of water. Look at what Whippleplumbing.com does: water conditioning, main line works, low-flow toilets, it all involves how to deliver water to help people with their daily tasks.

More importantly, however, on a larger scale, water is as much of a power source as electricity. Hydro dams are critical in regions where electricity grids are too expensive to erect. This only shows that electricity, no matter how important, is still a by-product.

Water Signifies Cleanliness

Whether you’re a homeowner or a homebuyer, a house without water is a bad deal. Without it, you can’t wash dishes, you can’t shower, you can’t wash the car, and critically for most Americans, no water to drink. You’ll also notice that the invisible systems are the most important. The plumbing, the pipes, and that entire department is just about at the top of that list.

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Not to mention that water makes plants grow, cool industrial equipment and power-generating plants. It’s just too important in every measure, on any level, to not be in constant supply.

This is why when California suffered a major drought last year, the government was quick to address the problem. A dry well, metaphorically speaking, leads to a less sanitized environment. Dirt leads to sickness, which leads to migration, which eventually leads to death. This is the world without water.

But, thankfully, water is abundant, and we will always have it, bar a catastrophic disaster that somehow targets only the water mains. Strive to maintain a constant supply, and you won’t have a problem.

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