Three Ways You Can Effectively Weatherproof a Parapet Coping

Man repairing a roofThe rooftop is often the most overlooked area of a building. After countless renovations done on the exterior as well as design overhauls to the interior, builders neglect the roof deck despite its potential for various construction projects.

What causes rooftops to deteriorate is their lack of protection from the elements. While a parapet may act as a barrier between the deck and the surroundings of a building, even the parapet itself needs shielding.

According to Contour, parapet walls are prone to moist accumulation and crumbling, especially with extremities in weather. Contour’s aluminium coping system provides protection to both walls and parapets, as well as enhancing the aesthetic quality of the building. Here are three effective ways you can keep a parapet safe in an unpredictable climate:

Aluminium Covering

A good choice for roof deck protection is an aluminium parapet coping system. Aluminium is strongly resistant to heat and moisture, making it a sturdy as well as aesthetically pleasing material for long term weatherproofing solutions. Builders also favour aluminium coping’s pleasing appearance. It delivers results without adding an eyesore to a roof deck.

Fabric Patenting

Another way to protect parapets is to apply a fabric layer over the ledges. Fabric hugs the contours of the ledges, perfect for covering every nook and cranny of the parapet. Once the fabric attachment is finished, two layers of sealant go over the fabric. This process targets evidence of decay as well as cracking which make the parapets more prone to water penetration.

Silicone Sealants

Silicone polymers, fillers, cross-linkers and other additives make up silicone-based sealants. When used as a sealant for coping systems, they will prevent any major degradation of the parapet walls. Elastomeric sealants are good for the weather because of their resistance to temperature fluctuations. Builders may also purchase them in low, medium and high modulus variations for whatever performance criteria a client may need.

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With preventative and protective measures, you can keep any roof deck parapet intact.

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