These Kitchen Splurges Make the Room Look More Expensive

Classy Looking KitchenSometimes, you need just one expensive item to make the whole room look like it's worth a million bucks. It's the same principle with outfits: wear designer shirts and no one will think that lipstick you're wearing is a dupe. Ready to make your kitchen look more expensive? 

Splurge on these items to do just that: 

A Retro Fridge 

There's nothing trendier than a retro fridge that comes in cute colors. They can be the accent appliance in your kitchen, amid cabinetry and countertops in neutral shades. What's great about a retro fridge is that it already has a character of its own, and it brings your whole kitchen along for the ride. Add a couple of quirky-printed plates and mugs, and the retro vibe is complete. Of course, fridge repair and maintenance should be done as needed. You don't want your fridge to be faulty, as that will go against what you're trying to do. 

Colorful Cabinets 

If the idea of the refrigerator being the highlight of the kitchen is not appealing to you, how about making cabinets your accent pieces? Cabinets store important kitchen items. They are functional parts of the kitchen, but you should not sacrifice their look either. Paint them in a bright shade to liven up the kitchen, or give them mismatched cabinet door handles for a unique style. 

Full Height Glass Windows

Though they are not colorful, glass windows can do wonders for your kitchen. They add a certain elegance that you simply can't achieve with a plain wall. Glass gives an instant style upgrade that does not take away from other elements of the kitchen; rather, they work with those elements, accenting them effortlessly. 

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Whether you have a certain style for your kitchen or you're just throwing ideas around, choosing an accent is always important. You want everything to blend harmoniously with the focal point and with each other. 

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