The Signs and Symptoms of a Bed Bug Infestation

A pest control specialistBed bugs are persistent pests and are hard to control. The problem with these bugs is that they can burrow into places where they are safe from pest control measures. As extermination expert IPM Pest Control explains, bed bugs are not considered dangerous, but the worst thing that can happen when a bed bug bites is to cause an allergic reaction.


Bed bugs were found only in developing countries. Now, there have been widespread infestations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. These small flat insects feed on the blood of sleeping people and animals at night. Their color range from reddish to dark brown.

One cause for their persistence is they can live without feeding for months. They can travel up to 100 feet in one night, but usually live within eight feet from the bed. Bed bugs leave dark stains due to their blood-filled feces — usually in small cracks, crevices and corners of beds, mattresses, dressers, headboards, chairs, and behind wallpapers. Other indicators of infestation include exoskeletons they leave after molting and a distinctive musty odor.


Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs are not known to carry diseases. Infestation is more of a nuisance except in the case of an allergic reaction from multiple bites. The main problem with bed bugs is the possibility of having a skin infection from excessive scratching. People react differently to bed bug bites. There may be no physical signs of biting, but sometimes small marks can be found.

Bed bug bite marks do not usually appear until a few days after being bitten. These may look like mosquito or flea bite marks. The bite marks may appear to be random or in a straight line. Some people experience insomnia or anxiety, aside from skin problems due to the infections from scratching the skin.

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Bed bugs are parasites that feed on sleeping people and animals, and they leave distinctive signs of infestation. They do not spread diseases, but can be a nuisance to their persistent behavior. It takes professional help to rid a house of a bed bug infestation.

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