The A-B-C’s of Water Damage Repair

Water damaged roofNever underestimate the power of water. In the form of flood or excessive moisture, water is considered a highly destructive substance in any indoor environment. The following details offer helpful information in the proper repair of water-damaged structures.

Can water-damaged structures be repaired?

The quick and truthful answer is: yes! The disastrous effects of water can markedly decrease as long as quick and efficient intervention is done within twenty-four to forty-eight hours since the water damage occurred.

The water damage repair process, which includes proper clean-up and restoration, could bring impressive results despite the seemingly severe destruction.

How is water damage assessed?

The process of restoring any water-damaged property begins with an evaluation based on three factors: the specific amount of damage seen in the property, the detailed degree of the actual contamination, and the costs of replacement compared to the costs of restoration.

Inspection and water extraction

The process is fairly the same in almost any area of the country: the task starts with inspecting the kind of damage that occurred and the places affected. After which, water is removed via pumps and vacuums.

Drying, Sanitizing, and Restoring

Scientific drying methods are then applied to areas which require more water and moisture to be drawn out. Dehumidifiers and air movers are equipment commonly used to do the job. The sanitation process is done using fogging equipment and antimicrobial treatments all targeted to remove unnecessary odors. Restoration involves rebuilding an entire home or business.

All in all, water damage can disrupt your business or personal life. Plus, it also poses a health risk. Water damage repair is an efficient solution to this complicated problem.

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