Silent Erosives: 3 Overlooked Garage Door Threats

Roller garage door in redQuite often, the reasons for your garage door’s damage are obvious. Rust, lack of maintenance, loose hinges, and just an overall disregard for your garage door’s well-being all lead to repairs that can rip a hole in your wallet. Luckily, there are experts that service garage doors or garage door parts in Brisbane to meet your repair needs.

But what you should know is that while there are obvious “suspects” that damage your garage door, there are also the silent “assailants” that erode your garage door without you noticing.

Grime and Dirt

It’s fine to think that grime and dirt are not immediate threats to your garage door’s health, after all, they’re nothing a good general cleaning won’t fix. But leave that grime and dirt unattended for too long and you’ll have a build-up of unwanted filth that can affect its look and the mechanisms needed for its operation.

So you need to take the time to clean your garage door every week. This ensures that your garage door won’t accumulate dirt, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in the process.

Exposure to the Rain

While most garage doors are waterproofed, rain can still take its toll and in more ways than one. The first adverse effect lies in a fundamental scientific principle: water rusts aluminium and steel, which make up most garage doors.

On the other hand, if you have a wooden garage door, rainwater outright rots it. Simply put, rainwater isn’t friendly with garage doors. To prevent the wood from rotting, fill in cracks once you see them and contact garage door maintenance professionals to keep the structural integrity of your door.

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The Passage of Time

Time itself has its erosive capabilities on your garage door. As you open and close it every day, hinges and bolts loosen a little bit. Exposure to different types of weather as the years pass by will take effect on it and you’ll have to invest in repairs.

When mitigating damage to your garage door, don’t just rely on what’s observable. Consider the mundane factors that may affect your garage door and take the appropriate measures to ensure that it stays in good shape. If you need repairs, qualified technicians are always there to help you.

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