Regularly Flushing Your Water Heater Will Extend Its Life

Plummer installing a water heaterWater heaters in Salt Lake City homes are very common. Industry specialist Whipple Service Champions notes that it keeps the water coming from your faucet warm enough for specific uses like taking a shower, dishwashing, and others.

You know how a water heater works, but do you how to maintain it?  Most manufacturers of water heaters recommend that you flush your tank at least once a month to ensure maximum performance. Here are some of the benefits of regularly flushing your water heater.


Be very observant. When you suddenly notice that your water heater starts creating unusual sounds, it means that there is a buildup of scale inside. When it seems to stop all of a sudden, it only means that the scale inside became solid or large enough that the water cannot get through it anymore.  

What you can do is to start de-scaling and flushing your water heater.

Better performance

You do not want to wait too long for the water to become hot when you need it. Do you know why it is taking so long for it to heat up? In most cases, this is due to some things that stay on the base of the tank, or there may be an accumulation on some parts of the electric heater like the electrode. 

Again, flushing will address this problem.

Cost effective

If the heating component is having a hard time transferring the heat to your water for some reasons, you should expect that it would use more energy. In other words, your utility bill will definitely go higher.

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And not only that, there is a possibility that you would need to spend so much more on maintenance due to clogging sediments or scale accumulation.

Your water heater plays an important role in your daily life, so it is good to know how to maintain it to prevent futures problems.

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