Pro-Tips to Prevent Costly Appliance Repairs and Replacement

Woman talking to the man repairing the refrigeratorModern living relies heavily on appliances. However, these machines can break at the most inopportune moment. These malfunctions are also a huge expense to consumers. However, All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. says that the following DIY maintenance pro-tips can help keep your machines running smoothly for longer and prevent costly appliance repairs in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Keep the refrigerator’s condenser coils clean

Dirt, dust, hair and other debris can clog up the fridge’s coils and could restrict airflow. Consequently, the refrigerator must work harder than necessary to maintain the cool temperature. A stressed unit consumes extra energy and can break down more often. Use a vacuum to clean the condenser coils at least once or twice every year.

Check the fridge’s door seal

An airtight door seal helps maximize a refrigerator’s efficiency. Check your fridge’s door seal regularly and replace the seal as needed.

Avoid overloading your washing machine

Overloading the washing machine often causes the machine to break down.

Check your washing machine hoses

Leaks in the washing machine hose are often responsible for water pooling in your laundry area. Inspect the hoses for cracks, leaks, and weak spots. Replace the hose if it has signs of wear and tear. Appliance repair experts in Salt Lake City also recommend replacing fill hoses at least every five years.

Keep the dryer exhaust clean

Lint trap in the dryer exhaust reduces the appliance’s efficiency. The lint is also a fire hazard. Clean the dryer exhaust after every load.

Check your air conditioner filter

Dirty or clogged filters slow down airflow and reduce the appliance’s energy efficiency and lifespan. Change the filter, at a minimum, every three months to conserve energy and prevent expensive maintenance or premature system failure.

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Clean the oven regularly

Cleaning the oven can help extend the life of the appliance and prevent repairs. Clean spills ASAP and thoroughly clean the oven at least every six months. Remember to unplug the oven when cleaning with water and do not clean under its knobs to eliminate the risk of shorting out the system and electrocution.

Proper use and preventative maintenance are the best ways to keep your home appliances running smoothly. Show your appliances some TLC and don’t overuse or misuse them and you will conserve energy, save money, and avoid inconvenient breakdowns.

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