Preparing the House for Future Occupants

a woman handing over keys and holding small house modelAfter years of tightening your purse strings, you’ve made it. The title of the house is in your name, and you’re done with mortgage payments. You can live with it without worrying about interests on monthly payments. You can sell the house if you want. You can also bequeath it to your children in your will. But not so fast. You still need to keep the property in good condition for its future owners.

Health and Safety First

Changing weather conditions in Salt Lake City, the food you eat, and even the water you drink. These are known causes of illnesses. Little do you know that the house itself might be another reason there’s always someone sick in the family. You’re looking at radon or asbestos poisoning, and even cancer, if you don’t have the house tested for elevated chemical levels.

Radon testing should be on your checklist when inspecting the house for any signs of problems. If there is too much asbestos in the house, they need to be removed, too.

Generation Green

You may have managed with high energy bills, but there are ways to lower them. Do it for the future owners who will need all the help they can get when starting a family. A simple replacement of light bulbs can already go a long way in saving energy. Change the windows to fit their frames perfectly, and make sure everything is weatherstripped.

Look for leaks that may compromise the foundation. Utilize the rooftop space for some green roofing, or start composting in the garden. There are plenty of ways to make your house future-ready.

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You’ve done well, completing your mortgage payments and keeping the house in the family. Now, all you have to do is keep it in good condition for future generations.

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