Prepare Better Tasting Foods: Use a Sharp Knife

Knife Maintenance You probably know that sharp knife helps you prepare food faster and safer. This is because a dull one slows you down, requiring more force to slice and cut, even the most delicate ingredients. Apart from its better performance, however, a razor-sharp knife can also make your meal taste and look better.

Glide with Ease

Herbs and other delicate ingredients will look fresher if you slice them using a sharp knife. This is because a sharp tool produces a cleaner cut, gliding through the food with ease. A blunt knife, on the other hand, crushes the cells of the ingredient, speeding up discoloration and wilting. The increased pressure required to use a dull knife, furthermore, causes more damage to the food.

Learn to Sharpen the Knife

Sharpening your knife is an important skill to learn. You can do it on your own by using a manual or electric knife sharpener. You can also have it sharpened professionally or learn to use a set of waterstones. Note that a set of an expensive knife is useless if they have blunt blades. Sharpening is also quick and easy, as there are plenty of helpful how-to articles and videos online.

Preserve the Flavour

Using a sharp knife means cutting the food better, which helps preserve the flavours. With a dull knife, however, the ingredients lose more juice, affecting the taste of your cooking. It smashes the cells of the food, causing the moisture to accumulate. A tomato slice, for instance, retains its juices better when cut cleanly. Cutting an onion with a sharp knife, furthermore, releases fewer irritants, resulting in fewer tears.

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The Knives You Need

It is important to know that a good knife doesn’t have to ruin your purse. You also don’t need too many knives to prepare meals better. Essential cutting tools include a paring knife, chef’s knife, an all-purpose vegetable knife, and a long, serrated bread knife. It is best to stick to the essential or learn how to sharpen, instead of buying an expensive set that you probably won’t use.

Work faster and safer in the kitchen with a razor-sharp knife. You can also get the benefit of better tasting foods also look fresher using a sharp tool. Invest in knife sharpened all the cutting issues associated with a blunt blade.

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