Practical Ways to Hide Indoor Architectural Eye Sores

Indoor Architectural Eye SoresMany people want their homes to look beautiful and presentable at all times. A pristine home with gorgeous interior design looks inviting and comfortable. While it is easy to redecorate your home to your liking, some elements of the home are a bit more difficult to deal with.

Architectural eyesores, such as pipes, wires, and the like, are needed in the home. They keep the home functioning; unfortunately, they are not always so pretty to look at. Here are some ways for you to hide or improve the appearance of common eyesores in the home.


Radiator pipes cannot be hidden inside the wall as they heat up. They must also be accessible at all times for servicing and maintenance. Luckily, you can hide them with relative ease with the use of pipe boxing.

Pipe boxing is a simple U-shaped or L-shaped box made of wood or metal that curves around the pipes. You can have them blend in with the surrounding wall or use them for decorative purposes. They effectively hide unattractive pipes, while protecting your household from accidental burns.

Air Vents

Air vents can be extremely unattractive, especially if they do not match the rest of your décor. Replace your air return covers with a custom grate or simply paint over the old one to give it a new look. Just be sure that you choose the correct types of paints so as not to affect the airflow of your vents.


Television cables, computer cables, and other types of wiring can be extremely unattractive. While some of them are not exactly integrated into the architecture of your home, they are still necessary and not easily hidden.

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Invest in stylish cable ties to keep your wires from tangling, and try to tack them to structures to hide them neatly. For example, you can hide your television wires by attaching them in neat lines on the back of your TV stand, keeping them out of view.

It is easy to hide eyesores in your home with a bit of creativity and patience. Just make sure that you keep it practical, so as not to affect their original purpose. 

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