Practical Tips that Ensure Your Painted Walls Look Awesome

Painted Walls in NZYou have probably been wondering how you can keep your walls looking awesome for a long time. Well, worry not. This article will give you some valuable tips that will ensure your painted walls not only look good but also save you unnecessary expenses. They are easy tips that can be practised by anyone:

Regularly dust your walls

Dust is one of the physical agents that causes the paint on your walls to deteriorate faster. Therefore, always dust your walls regularly even if they look clean. Sometimes dust is not visible. You can use a dust cloth with a long-handled sweeper to help you reach areas that are hard to clean

Test your walls before you clean them

The mistake most people make is, they randomly start cleaning the walls without considering that some paint usually comes off when washed. Hence, test one spot that is not very conspicuous and if the paint comes off then avoid cleaning that part.

Frequently clean the high-traffic areas

Not all parts of the house accumulate dust at the same rate. Consequently, you don’t have to struggle cleaning an entire room. Pay extra attention to areas that are prone to dirt for instance, around switches, behind furniture and the areas around electronic equipment. You will be surprised how dust can go unnoticed in hidden areas.

Touch up damage

It is recommended that you should deal with damage immediately it occurs. If there is a chipped surface on the wall then gently apply paint on that area. Ensure you fill holes first and coat any visible stains with a stain sealer. Master painters in Nz suggest that if you are not sure of the colour of the paint then just slice through the paint with a knife and take the chip for computerised colour matching.

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