Outstanding People Skills? Managing a Hotel Might Be for You

Hotel Manager as an Option when Changing CareerWith the boom of tourism around the globe and the desperate need of every individual to look for an escape in another city or country, careers in the hospitality industry continue to increase. This is why companies who manage rights for sale in Sydney, like Resort Brokers Australia, are thriving in the sector.

Meanwhile, those that work directly in hotels as managers and front staff have a huge chance of working within chain and independent hotels. They don’t even have to worry about job shortages. Managers, specifically, receive great opportunities for a salary increase, travel and advancements. Below are a few reasons to consider a shift in career.

1. Hotel managers receive great pay.

According to PayScale, the median salary of a hotel manager in Australia is AUD 61,187. Hotel managers are typically trained to commit to their daily responsibilities, so a high level of education is not necessarily mandated. The only requirement for an entry level hotel manager is that he or she must have one to five years of relevant work experience and a high school diploma or something equivalent.

2. Hotel managers have room for growth.

Hotel front desk managers will have the opportunity to be a general manager in the future. They also have the chance to work in various hotels within the hotel chain and even get a chance to be promoted to an executive position.

3. Hotel managers will have travel opportunities.

For instance, if you worked for hotel chains like Holiday Inn and Radisson, you will have a chance to either work in various chains abroad or travel to attend work-related seminars. Hotel managers who desire to move or work abroad may request for that opportunity and still get the same job at the new location. 

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These are just some of the motives to change your career if you are great at dealing with people. To get further ahead in this new career path, take some business management courses to equip you with the right mindset and the right tools.

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