Not Just a Tub, It’s a Spa

Walk-in Tub as Spa TreatmentDown the road, you could be wishing you had easy access to a spa. The word alone conjures images of relaxation and wellness that many would pay premium for. But you may not need to look far, especially true with the way present-day tubs are taking over the show.

A Timely Improvement

The numbers say it all. Close to a quarter of American adults, 57 million people, alongside 4 million teens made their way to a spa at least once, a survey by ISPA (International Spa Association) in 2006 detail.

Who wouldn’t be captivated by all the spa experience, the mud baths and meditation classes that tucks in a beautiful hymn into one’s memory? These days, the luxurious trek which was once reserved for the rich and famous has become an everyday reality for many.

Still, walk in tubs may be taking over that prized once-in-a-blue-moon get-away. Designed to be readily accessible for even a grumpy centenarian with its easy-open door, these modern-day inventions will have you wrapped in bathing comfort in no time.

Best for even the Physically Challenged

Travel is not an option for seniors who maybe struggling to keep up in their daily existence. Representing 14.5 % of the American population, these citizens truly deserve better access to a comfortable life. When a trip to the comfort room seems to take ages, everyday could be a drag for the aged.

It’s why walk-in tubs slip into the picture, just like an answer from above. A conventional shower would have tested the sore, wobbly legs of a 65-years-old. Traditional bathtubs could pose a challenge getting into them too.

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And you can forget about the shower chair if you’re thinking it’s a perfect fit. Technically, it’s just a chair niftily placed in a tub. That means accessibility still is an issue for that handy pool in the room.

Add hydrotherapy jets and a walk-in tub becomes truly a win-win situation. The best part’s you can access them everyday of your life – all because somebody was ingenious enough to think of the better design.

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