Must-Knows When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling ExampleMost homeowners neglect to see a bathroom’s importance. In almost any house, the bathroom tends to be the smallest room. They remodel other rooms a few times; but the bathroom not even once, unless it has a plumbing issue.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel project, here are some practical hacks that you may want to consider:

  1. Personal preferences

Have a clear perspective of what you want. Consider factors like size of the bathroom, materials needed, etc. as these will determine your budget and duration of the project.

  1. Materials

Since bathrooms are usually small, you can opt for high-end material and finish. This is a good investment that can add value to your home in case you decide to sell it. Are you looking for the best bathroom remodel materials? Carefully check your directory or ask for recommendations.

  1. Budget

The cost of your project depends on the extent of the remodeling. Carefully plan what has to be improved and stick to your budget, but be flexible. Be open to suggestions and additional costs. Make sure that you have enough funds to sustain the project until its completion.

  1. Bathroom dimensions

Know the standard measurement of a regular tub and toilet. Don’t forget to consider the countertops before you decide on your sink’s height. Make sure that you can wash your hands and brush your teeth comfortably.

  1. Bathroom floor

Large tiles are more slippery because the grout lines are far apart. Also, they are difficult to slope if not rough. A better option is smaller tiles because they offer more grip.

  1. Space

If you have a small space, you can put your sink in the corner to avoid traffic due to entry or shower door. Otherwise, omit the bathtub in your options.

  1. Lighting

Install a light fixture in the shower to brighten up your bathroom. A dimmer one can add for an aesthetic effect. To help you see what you’re doing while applying make-up or shaving, a bright light fixture can help.

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Renovation is one way to improve your home. Redesigning your bathroom is the best way to see it in a different perspective. For your remodeling projects, make sure to seek assistance only from trusted and knowledgeable people.

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