Millwork: Old-World Craftmanship Meets Modern Design

Woodwork equipmentMillwork is the umbrella term for items cut and created from raw lumber in a sawmill. These items range from crown molding and base trim to door frames and wood paneling. Cabinetry and wood flooring may also be considered under the umbrella of general millwork, but builders and contractors sometimes categorize them separately.

Millwork is a type of traditional craftsmanship. To create a sustainable woodwork industry, some companies like Phillip Elenbaas Millwork source their millwork materials directly from their sawmills, while others have been using different materials for their creations. Traditional or not, millwork adds quality to a home since it provides great finishing touches.

Millwork’s Influence on American Homes

The type of designs millwork brings to homes has had a significant impact on America’s interior design. During millwork’s golden age between 1880 and 1910, almost everything in the house was made of wood. Throughout this time, there was a nationwide standard on the millwork produced in the country.

Millwork Adapts to Modern Design and Technology

While there’s a more conscious decision among some designers and architects to reduce the use of wood in their designs, millwork continues to endure because it now also uses synthetic materials to produce finished products.

Moreover, despite its Victorian and Gothic influences, millwork is now more versatile since it offers different styles and materials that best fit a homeowner’s need. Back then, for example, all the millwork in a home had the same color. Now, homeowners can choose different shades of wood for their millwork.

Millwork Adds Value to the Home

Installing Millwork in your home is not simply an homage to old-world craftsmanship and Victorian aesthetics. It also increases the utility of a building, and a lot of experts agree that it adds value to a home.

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Millwork continues to endure today because of its ability to improve a home, both on aesthetically and functionally.

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