Kitchen Drain Maintenance Guide

Kitchen Drain Maintenance in North Salt LakeBoiling water, baking soda, and vinegar are homemade remedies usually recommended and plumbing solutions for blocked drains. Applying pressure using specific tools are also popular options — and these work well enough. Dislodging the blockage can sometimes be too complicated that you need professional help for drain cleaning in North Salt Lake just to avoid stinking up the kitchen sink.

Monitoring helps you avoid trouble

Plumbers in usually advise residents to monitor drains in their homes by listening for specific plumbing noises. When you start hearing gurgling noises, there may already be a blockage forming. Pour the vinegar-baking soda solution you have already prepared, and pour a good measure of hot water in order to prevent debris from forming a blockage that will give you greater problems later on. Do this before you move on to pouring caustic soda. By the way, do not handle toxic products without proper protective gear.

Maintaining clear drains

Any plumber you speak to will tell you good maintenance is the best way to prevent plumbing problems that could cost a few hundred dollars — money you may not have at the moment. You may use a drain maintenance product. Check for EPA approval on the label, and if possible choose organic, environment-friendly drain maintenance solutions. Read the instructions carefully to make sure you get the most of your investment. If you keep a good maintenance regimen, there will be no chance for clogs to form. If you insist on home-based solutions, then try out less conventional solutions and be open to experimentation.

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Keeping it smelling fresh

They say baking soda keeps kitchen drains smelling fresh. Try ice cubes, lemon peel and salt next time you start smelling something nasty. Nevertheless, remember to call the local plumber to check on the pipes. Masking the odor would not solve the underlying problem.

Do not neglect the kitchen drain. If you do, it will stink up the entire kitchen. When something goes wrong, do not delay. Take action immediately!

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