Keeping Your Bedroom Cozy During Winter

Cozy BedroomFor most homeowners, the arrival of winter calls for major adjustments to keep the indoors warm and comfortable through the cold months. One special room that calls for your attention is the bedroom. After an icy day outdoors during the day, you want to end the day in an inviting and soothing bedroom.

Here are some tips to make your bedroom as warm and comfortable as possible:

Add layers of bedding

Chilly nights are a harsh winter reality and you’ll need to be creative to combat the discomfort. A good idea is to add more bed covers to keep you warm. Cozy Earth suggests that you buy bamboo sheets if you don’t already have some. Not only are these sheets warm and soft; they also hypoallergenic and stain resistant.

Invest in extra throw pillows

You can add more texture to your bed by having some assorted throw pillows. Customize them to match or complement your draperies. You could also mix and match some pillows that have solid colors with those that have stripes and patterns. This creates an attractive look, besides making the bed more snuggly.

Use winter colors

For your bed sheets, rugs, draperies, and cushions, opt for colors that make the bedroom feel warmer. Brown, orange, and gray are particularly effective in creating a warm tone. Grey, in particular, has a calming effect, which is exactly what you need if you’ll be spending a lot of time indoors. Orange helps stimulate creativity and seeing it first thing in the morning sets you up for a fabulous day.

Remember your floor

Hardwood floors are generally warm even during winter. Add more warmth by investing in a thick faux fur rug. The rug keeps your feet warm and comfortable when you get out of bed.

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With the outdoors chilly and uninviting, you need to keep the interior of your house as comfortable as possible. A good way to do that is to prepare each room for the cold, starting with the bedroom before moving to the rest of the house.

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