Innovative Ideas for Expanding Your Home’s Living Space

Wide-Spaced HomeThe rooms in your house don’t strictly have to stay within its confines. If you’re looking to extend your home, converting your yard into a living space you that fits your requirements is a good alternative. Here are some ideas for making your home bigger without making the extra effort of breaking walls.

Patio or Deck

There are a number of DIY kits for decks and patios so it’s easy to find one that will fit your property’s yard. Upon completion, you can turn it into an outdoor living room, complete with plush chairs, a fire pit, and everything else that says “Welcome home.” It’s comfy and at the same time, less stuffy than the usual living room. You can also set up a garden nearby to improve your deck’s view.

Outdoor Kitchen

Since we’ve already started with taking the living room outside, why don’t we go for the kitchen next? Strategically attach roofs to the sides of your home. Make sure they complement your residence’s design and color. Install outdoor cooking appliances and dining furniture, depending on the size of your covered outdoor space. Also, if you’re fond of grilling food, set up a barbecue grill or even a stone oven for future use. Picnic benches will go well with this kind of setup.

Garden Storage Shed

Sometimes, the reason you’re running out of space inside your house is because most rooms have become storage areas for unused appliances or furniture. If you have a large yard space, you can have a storage shed built on it to accommodate your extra household items along with your garden tools and equipment.

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As Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz puts it, “If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard.” Try out these practical ideas and see if you can find your heart’s desire for a bigger home. Best that you try the basics first before you go bigger.

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