How to Prepare your Rain Gutters for Autumn

Preparing your gutterGutters are the most vulnerable outside component of a home when autumn comes. Low temperature, rain, twigs, and leaves are likely to put your rain gutters to test once the summer is over in Utah. Luckily, the following tips will help you prepare your rain gutters when fall arrives.

Install Gutter Guards

You still need to install gutter guards even after raking the yard leaves and trimming trees in your compound. The prime time to install gutter guards is during the autumn season. A gutter guard allows rainwater to funnel through and prevents twigs and leaves from entering the tank. Alternatively, homeowners can install a leaf protection system to accommodate both aluminum and vinyl gutters.

Clean and Inspect

Cleaning and inspection is the first step to preparing rain gutters for the fall season. You can use a garden hose to flush out downspouts and gutters ahead of the fall season. Use high-pressure water and put on gloves to wipe away any debris left on the roof. You might need to fill up a bucket of warm water and add liquid dish soap and use it to clean the gutters. Inspection can be done after you have cleaned the gutters thoroughly.


You might need to repair worn out parts after cleaning and inspecting the gutters. You can replace loose screws and brackets and secure them to prepare the drains for the fall season. You may also need to patch all uncovered leaks if possible. You can use a wire brush and water to clean the area that was leaking and use an abrasive pad to scrub it once it has dried.

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Every homeowner has to prepare their roof for a rainy season once the summer days are over. Of course, this is the season every homeowner wants to button their coats along with their home’s roofing. Installing gutter guards and cleaning and repairing your roof is inevitable ahead of the long rainy season.

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