How to Pick the Best Colors for Your Front Door

Front DoorChanging the color of your front door can be the only makeover your house needs. Forget the boring browns and drab grays. There’s an entire spectrum of different colors you can choose from to spruce up dull, uninteresting front doors.

  • Sunshine Yellow

A pop of yellow brings a lot of cheer to an otherwise lonely porch. Go for a golden shade for a warmer touch and lemon yellows for more playfulness.

  • Stately Indigo

This deep, dark blue is almost black but softer. Painting your front door indigo gives it a grand, imposing air, while still looking good on a beach house or a log cabin.

  • Dramatic Red

Whether you pick a vivid candy red or a subtle, more sophisticated terracotta shade, a red door makes a sweeping statement. Everyone wants to know what’s behind that red door.

  • Nature Green

Whatever shade of green you choose – forest, lime, mint, etc. – a green door is bound to emphasize the colors of nature around your house.

  • Bold Blue

From lively turquoise to elegant sapphire and mind-boggling electric blue, a blue door is definitely something different. If you want to rock off your neighbor’s socks, get yourself a daring blue front door.

  • Posh Purple

Purple is sober and dignified, but it never really loses its color, especially when sunlight falls on it. You can easily use purple for your front door, whether you have a modern or traditional house.

  • Fire Hydrant Orange

It’s easy to get orange wrong, but if you know how to pair it with the right neutral colors, such as ocean blues and seafoam whites, an orange door can lend your house a warm, inviting air.

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Uber Doors may agree that whether you’re looking to add curb appeal for a home that you’re putting up for sale, or you simply want to liven up your home’s surroundings, painting your front door a different color will definitely bring a lot of much-needed zest to your home.

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