How to Keep Your AC Functioning Well

Man Operating Air ConditionerAll of us have had days when the air conditioner stops working on the hottest day. There are several reasons for such problems. Fortunately, there are professional AC repair companies in Utah, such as Whipple Service Champions, that can help you stay cool year round.

Some common AC problems

Improper operation. You can address this situation by closing windows and doors so that the unit is not working overtime.

Refrigerant leaks. For an air conditioner to cool a room well, the coolant levels have to be adequate. Checking regularly will help in fixing leak problems as well.

Poor maintenance. If the air-con unit is not serviced and cleaned regularly, the chances of compressor and fan failure and high-energy bills are quite likely. Lack of or very little maintenance can mean replacing the entire unit.

Control failure. Compressors and fan controls wear out when a unit is oversized. A professional will be able to check problems and advise on a course of action.

Drainage issues. When it is hot and humid outside, it pays to check the drains and pipes attached to the unit to prevent clogs. This is especially important for individual room air conditioners.

Some maintenance tips

Several parts of the air conditioner need regular maintenance, which is easy to do, except in cases of serious problems. Parts such as the filters, fins and coils require routine maintenance, which will help the unit function effectively through the life of the unit.

Doing the following keeps any unit working efficiently:

Changing filters. This is one of the essential maintenance tasks: checking and changing filters regularly will boost the efficiency of a unit. Clogged filters block airflow and can reduce system efficiency by 15% or more.

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Check coils. An AC unit’s evaporator and condenser coils get dirty from being outside, and are susceptible to wear and tear.

Drains. Professionals recommend using a stiff wire through the drainage channels to prevent discoloration of walls and carpets due to excess moisture.

Keep in mind that an air conditioner requires more than regular maintenance. Work with a trustworthy repair company so that your unit not only functions well, your energy bills are manageable and the life of the unit is kept at a maximum.

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