How to Create a Kid-Friendly Landscape

Children Playing In Salt Lake CityMany kids these days would rather spend their time on computer games than play outdoors. While virtual gaming skills may somehow contribute to the development of critical thinking, children should be encouraged to play more often outside.

Playing outdoors can help improve a child’s motor skills, something that he or she cannot do while sitting in front of the TV or computer monitor. One of the best ways to influence your kids to run around your yard is to design a landscape that is favorable to outdoor frolicking.

Create outdoor play areas

When designing your landscape, leave a space for a swing set or small playhouse. If you have a large tree in your yard, you might want to build a tree house on it. This will give your little ones their own area in the yard.  

Cover your yard with grass

Children need a bit of space to enjoy their play area, so make sure to keep a large area of your yard covered in grass. Get in touch with a reliable landscaping company in Salt Lake City and ask for their help in planting Kentucky Bluegrass or Bermuda in your lawn.

Keep any hazardous materials away

You don't have to sacrifice aesthetics to make your yard kid-friendly. It is fine to keep working on your landscape and make it attractive. Just make sure that no gardening tools or any potentially harmful materials are left in your lawn or within reach of the children.

Creating a kid-friendly landscape design can definitely make a difference in encouraging your children to come out and play. You don’t have to do it by yourself, though. With the assistance of a professional landscaper, you can transform your yard into an outdoor play station that will give your kids hours and hours of fun playtime.

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