Home Insulation: Keeping Your Home Comfortable

Man installing the insulationsHome insulation keeps your home warm during the winter season and cool during hot summer days without breaking the bank due to high electricity costs. The insulation measures you need to take will depend on how old or new your house is. Newer homes often have good insulation, but older houses may be more challenging insulating. The most important parts of the house that need insulation are the walls and the roof. In Kansas City, insulation contractors can also line your floors, windows, and even doors if you feel it necessary to do so.

Types of Home Insulation

Structural insulated panels – Specialists create this kind of insulation from either liquid foam or foam boards. Contractors can then install them onto unfinished ceilings, walls, roofs, and floors.

Blanket rolls – Contractors can use mineral wool or fiberglass to create this insulation. It is easy to install and very inexpensive.

Spray foam – Composite materials make up spray foam, which specialists then spray onto the target location. It is ideal for irregularly-shaped areas.

Loose-fill and blown-in – Creators make this type of insulation out of cellulose or fiberglass materials. They can pour or blow it into place with the use of specialized equipment, making it ideal for irregularly shaped or uneven areas.

Concrete – Specialists can insulated concrete blocks with foam boards, which they will then ideally install inside or outside unfinished walls. They consider installing insulated concrete block a specialized task, but it provides the best moderation of indoor temperatures.

Reflective – Foils or films often make up this material, which provides effective prevention of the downward flow of heat.

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A home with adequate insulation can become energy efficient and lessen expenses, but the exact amount you can save will depend on the type of insulation you choose and the size of your home. Get help from trusted contractors to find the material that can best suit your home.

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