Here are Some Uses for Your Vacant Lot

man doing construction workSo let’s say you have a little bit of unused land near your home or somewhere off the city. Here are some ways you can make good use of that land and probably earn a bit more on the side.

Set up a cabin

Relocatable cabins are cheaper than the ones you have to build yourself and come in many sizes, styles, and even colours if you want it to look lively. You can place it on raw land as extra office space, perhaps a rental for extra cash, or even a cabin in the woods where you can chill out during those stressful days.

Camping park

You can also try clearing up the area and turn it into a camping space. It can be for your own use or camping enthusiasts can use it for a reasonable fee. If the land is far enough, you’ll find that the park can be quite popular.

Plants and farms

You can also try planting on the extra space, depending on how much land you have available. No need to plant vegetables or fruits that need constant care. You can choose to plant softwood or hardwood types. These require less care as opposed to vegetables. If your space is a little sparse, you can also set up an herb garden.

Drive-in movie theatre

Despite the ongoing love for the modern, you’ll find that there are lots of people willing to experience the good old days. Set up your land as a drive-in movie theatre, perhaps for personal use or for the whole community if you’re hoping to get extra cash on it.

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Of course, don’t forget that some of the suggestions here would require knowing the law governing your area. Make a point of asking a lawyer or studying the rules you have in the city.

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