Guide on Maintaining a Home Garden

Maintaining a Home GardenBuilding a home garden is a commitment. You need to create a routine to give your plants the best chances of growing. Here are some tips on how to maintain a home garden.

  1. Keep the soil healthy. If you want healthy plants, you need healthy soils. This means that you need to maintain your soil too by digging and breaking up any dirt clods underneath. Use compost or organic fertiliser to prepare the soil before planting.
  1. Remove the weeds. Weeds compete with your plants for water and nutrients. Getting rid of the competition will give your plants better chances for surviving. If you want long-term weed maintenance, you can try mulching.
  1. Make insect inspection a routine. Cucumber beetles and aphids are bad for your plants. So make sure you inspect your plants regularly for any insects and be proactive in removing them.
  1. Keep your garden clear of dead plants. If you see any dead plants in your garden, investigate the cause of death. There might be an underlying plant disease that could affect your whole garden. Make sure to remove any dead or dried plants.
  1. Keep your tools safely tucked away. Even if you have a small garden, you still use tools to take care of your plants.Having a garden workshop shed is a great way to keep your garden tools away from the reach of small children, notes You also need to maintain your garden tools to ensure they are working properly. Make sure to remove all the soil, grime and dirt after you use them. Checking them regularly also helps prevent any accidents when you’re using them.
  1. Water your plants. Of course, you need to water your plants regularly to make them grow strong and healthy. You need to water them consistently and sufficiently. If you’re not giving your plants enough water, this could result in stunted growth, wilting and even browning leaves.
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Ready to Commit?

It’s nice to have a home garden, especially one wherein you can grow herbs, vegetables and fruits. But if you can’t commit to the routine, you won’t reap the benefits of having one. So make sure you are ready for the responsibility before starting one.

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