Goodbye Shower Curtains, Hello Frameless Glass Shower Screens

Glass Shower Screens in PerthNobody likes to clean up the dripping mess shower curtains make in the bathroom. If you do not ever want to deal with a carelessly draped curtain, you should find an alternative that keeps the bathroom not only squeaky clean but also trendy and fashionable. Say goodbye to traditional bathroom accessories and say hello to frameless glass installations.

Glass is the Cleaner and More Hygienic Choice

Aside from the puddle of water that curtains make on the bathroom floor, there are other reasons a standard vinyl shower curtain can be unsanitary. Some products contain polyvinyl chloride, which releases potentially harmful volatile compounds to the environment.

For sure, you want to keep your family healthy and protected. Why risk exposing them to carcinogens and chemicals that cause respiratory distress when you can choose a material that is chemical-free? Of course, you also have to clean the curtain periodically so that mildew and mould populations do not thrive. These microorganisms can also cause illness.

Glass is Safe and Structurally Sound

A glass enclosure in the bathroom is also guaranteed to last a lifetime. If you want a durable shower screen, Perth suppliers will likely suggest an elegant frameless structure made from tempered glass. Innovative companies offer structures completely free from parts that can corrode with constant exposure to moisture. Have an installation inside the bathroom made entirely of safe and sturdy glass.

Glass Makes the Space Look Bigger and Brighter

A frameless enclosure in the bathroom makes for a sturdy shower area. However, that is not all; you will also enjoy the aesthetic qualities of glass, which make it attractive to designers and architects. Glass scatters light, and expands the available space so that it looks bigger than its actual size. Use the enclosure as the focal point with your choice of surface tint, texture or design.

With a frameless glass enclosure, you enjoy every minute you spend in the bathroom.

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