Good Garden Care 101: Water Now, Later or Tomorrow?

Gardener Watering A Plant

When is the best time to water the plants?

For some gardeners, there’s no such thing as schedules, you just water whenever, wherever. Others, however, firmly believe there is a time for everything. Failure to strictly follow the watering schedule will compromise the quality of your plants.

Both sides have a point. There’s no such thing as a rigid water schedule, but it’s better if the gardener follows a watering timeframe.

For Utah Sprinkler, a full-service sprinkler company, water is essential to the growth and beauty of your garden. To ensure your mini oasis grows well, remember the following:

A Morning Routine

The best time to water your plants is during the morning — and with good reason.

First, this morning routine works well with the natural growth cycle of your plants. Your greens and blossoms are ready to drink during the early morning. Try to water the plants before 10 in the morning. Doing so gives the water enough time to seep into the soil before the sun becomes too strong.

Well-hydrated flowers and plants can withstand extreme heat better.

The Inconvenience of Afternoons

If you cannot water the plants in the morning, is it better if you do so in the afternoon?

Due to the numerous morning duties, it’s easy to miss watering the plants. When you do, however, don’t water them during the 12 p.m.–3 p.m. time frame. The sun’s heat starts to build up at noon and reaches its peak at 3 in the afternoon.

When you water during this period, it won’t do your plants much good. Since the environment is too hot, some of the water will immediately evaporate before it reaches the soil.

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Instead, wait until late afternoon when the sun’s not strong enough to burn the plants.

Night Watering: Yes or No?

Watering the plants at night isn’t a good idea either. Since there’s no sun, the water will not evaporate, which makes draining harder for the soil. As a result, you’ll end up with either drowned plants or cases of mold or fungal growth.

Water is essential to the health of your garden. Do it at the right time to ensure a well-hydrated, mini-paradise in your backyard.


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