From Drab to Fab: 4 Stylish Makeover for Your Kitchen Area

Modern Kitchen Revolutionize the look and feel of your kitchen, whether you simply want a revamp or planning to sell. Get inspired by these fabulous and stylish ideas that will instantly transform your cooking and dining area:

Refresh the Shades & Colours

Whether it’s the whole area or a portion of the kitchen, a fresh coat of paint can create a major transformation. Apply the basic principles of design when choosing a shade. Lighter colours will help make any room bigger and brighter. Lean into greys, whites, and pastel colours.

Make Every Step Count

Replace old and scruffy-looking flooring to achieve a fresher, modern look. Sometimes, it is not only about what’s on the surface, but more on how does the bottom looks like. You’ll be surprised at how the floor can leave a strong and lasting impression in your kitchen. Woods are ideal for a simple yet classic look, while tiles work for edgier and more modern appeal.

An Update on the Benchtop

Any kitchen renovation project wouldn’t be complete without giving the benchtop an upgrade. This particular part of the kitchen is the most susceptible to stains, spills, and cuts, as most of the works are done in this area. Whether you choose granite, laminated wood or quartz, your kitchen bench top is subject to an update. Prestige Bench Top Limited says that this maintains function and avoid possible injuries caused by cracked or rift on the counters and bench tops.

Change or Refurbish Handles

Repair and replacement of cabinet handles and hinges are other ways to revamp the cooking area. Many think that it wouldn’t bring that much of a change, but fully working cabinets and knobs can make a big difference. If you want, instead of simply fixing them, you may go for changing everything with new designs and handles.

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Most hardware and furniture stores offer a variety of option, so it should be easy to look for one that will match your taste. If you want to go for a more personalised design, no worries because there are shops, which accept this type of work.

Create a more fun and exciting cooking area by following any of these makeover ideas. There’s a lot of things to do and try in your kitchen. You simply need to be creative and clever to find the perfect inspiration that will brighten up your kitchen.

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