Exterior Structures: Add a Room Without Extensive Interior Renovations

Modern patio in Brisbane

There are certain inconveniences to renovating your house to add a room. It can mean not using certain areas of your home and even temporarily leaving your home. If it won’t do to go through all that trouble, then here are some suggested structures that can be built outside your home.

This is basically a room with mostly large windows or glass walls and is directly constructed at the side of your house. It’s also called the breakfast room or morning room because it’s positioned to catch the sun’s early morning rays and most people choose to enjoy the view over breakfast.

Patio or Deck

Just Patios notes that this is probably one of the best home additions because it’s easier to construct and install than most outdoor extensions. Expert Brisbane builders can easily complete a simple patio or deck within a day. Decks are usually extended or raised platforms connected to the house while patios are constructed at ground level and are usually paved.

Tree House

The name is self-explanatory but gone are the days when these structures haphazardly made. Tree houses are now designed with your safety and comfort in mind and can even include its own kitchenette and rooms.


Garden sheds have now morphed and can now be built as a separate mini-residence outside your home. You can put in its own bathroom, dining area, rooms, kitchen so it can be a guest room, lounge, family room or can even become your own personal home office.


Usually the main attraction of any well-groomed garden, gazebos can also function as a Zen area, a reading nook or a visitor’s lounge. This structure can be a bit costly, but it can easily add value and aesthetics and shelter in your yard.

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Consult an experienced construction company for your best options. Ask for an ocular so they can give their recommendations based on your available yard space, budget and home’s structure. Once you’ve made your choice, it will only be a matter of time before you have a new area to enjoy.

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