Elements of a Complete Thermal Enclosure System?

a miniature house model wearing a winter hatDealing with the cold winter of Hoosier State is easier said than done. Investing in high-quality heating services in Indiana is important, but you need more to stay warm night and day. 

It’s imperative to equip your home with a complete thermal enclosure system to guarantee your comfort and avoid wasting energy. Here are its key elements:

Tight Air Sealing

An airtight home is one that eliminates unwanted drafts. On average, homes have about a half-mile of cracks and gaps around windows and doors and behind walls. Sealing these openings is essential to keep the cold air out and achieve your desired indoor climate with less energy. While it’s best to seal them during the construction of your home, certain projects, such as roof, siding, or door replacement, can increase the weather tightness of your home.

Proper Insulation

Adequate insulation is key to reduce heat transfer. All insulation options can increase the R-value of your building materials, but the real key is flawless installation. Apart from insulating the attic, it pays to put your money on a siding system with exceptional thermal resistance. Among all the siding options, insulated vinyl is perhaps the best choice.

Minimized Thermal Bridges

Thermal bridges are objects the heat uses to travel from one place to another. They’re impossible to go without because they comprise the structural 'bones' of your home. Since they contribute to durability, the least you could do is to minimize excessive use of wood studs.

High-Performance Windows

Like glazed doors, energy-efficient windows help insulate the interior, reduce solar gain heat, and catch sunshine to lessen the need for artificial lighting. An insulative framing material, Low-E glass, an argon gas fill, and a low-conductance space make up the anatomy of high-performance windows.

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Winterize your home to guarantee your family’s comfort during the coldest months while reducing your utility bills at the same time. Prioritize the right home improvement projects to achieve ENERGY STAR’s requirements for a complete thermal enclosure system.

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