Don’t Buy a House in Utah Without Testing It for Radon

Home Inspection in UtahA quality home inspection is the only way of establishing whether a home is safe, inside and out. Before buying a new home, ask a qualified home inspector to test your prospective new home for dangers such as radon, mold, carbon monoxide, and improper wiring.

Here are four reasons you shouldn’t buy a house before testing it for radon:

1. Radon Gas is a Health Hazard

Smoking, radon gas, and second-hand smoke are the leading causes of lung cancer. Smoking is responsible for the most cases; radon is second and second-hand smoke is third. Smokers who also breathe radon gas have an enhanced risk of developing lung cancer. Testing your home for radon is key to protecting yourself and your family from this naturally-occurring radioactive gas.

2. 30% of Homes in Utah Have Radon Levels Considered Unsafe by EPA

Radon is a health concern throughout the country. In fact, any home in America can potentially have a radon problem. The EPA also estimates that about 30% of the homes in Utah have unsafe levels of radon gas. With such a high prevalence of radon in the state, radon testing is logical and pragmatic.

3. You Cannot See or Smell Radon

Radon is a mysterious silent killer. You can’t see or smell it. Testing is, therefore, the only way of establishing your level of exposure.

4. Testing for Radon is Relatively Easy

While radon is hazardous, establishing its level is not complicated or expensive. Radon testing won’t interfere with your daily life, and it won’t be a major bill in your home acquisition expenses.

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Radon is a real threat to indoor air quality. Unfortunately, this gas is colorless and odorless. You could be breathing the hazardous gas every day and have no idea that you’re significantly increasing your risk of getting lung cancer. Being safe from the health risks of this radioactive gas begins with knowing your level of exposure through a radon test. Test your prospective new home for radon and re-test it every few years.

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