Doing The Laundry In an Eco-Friendly Way

Woman Doing Laundry in MelbourneIf you’re living alone, have a busy lifestyle, or simply looking for a way to save money on your laundry, doing your laundry at a Laundromat is a valid option. Not only do you cut back on your expenses on laundry detergent and the power consumed by washing machines, but you can do other things with the time you might’ve spent doing laundry. On the other hand, laundry wastewater has an undeniable effect on our environment, and since laundry shops do a lot of laundry, they contribute a lot to this problem.

Washing clothes hurts Mother Earth

Laundry water, obviously, still contains the detergent used to wash the clothes. As with other soaps and detergents, laundry soap contains chemicals so that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned and washed. However, these chemicals can seep into the soil and have a toxic effect on growing plants, and they can also cause harmful algal blooms if they find their way into bodies of water.

Another way that Laundromats harm the environment is because of their high water consumption. Laundromats use around 3-4 gallons of water per pound of fabrics washed. Multiply that number by how many pounds you wash in a month, and it’ll be enough water for you to drink for a month or two.

Cleaning clothes, the Earth-friendly way

Since most of the environmental impact of laundry is caused by detergent, you can choose to make your laundry routine more eco-friendly by simply changing the detergent you use. You could talk to the Laundromat where you get your laundry done, and ask them about the detergent they use. If you can’t convince them to switch brands, then it might be time for you to do your own laundry, and you can also opt to have some of your clothes dry-cleaned so that you reduce the water consumption of your laundry.

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If you really can’t afford to do your own laundry, Eco Laundry Room suggests you try looking for a laundry service that uses eco-friendly materials and methods. They’re not that difficult to find, especially in Melbourne. You can contact them about their service, and you can opt to have them do your laundry.

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