Completing the Nifty Effect: How a Beautiful Staircase Can Transform Your Home

A wooden staircaseThe beauty of staircases has never failed to charm homeowners. This is especially true if it’s built in an area that easily catches the eye of guests. Why? The answer is simple. It’s an often underappreciated part of the house, and making it fancy- or classy-looking gives a shock to anyone who sees it.

Modern Staircases

This is something you normally see in houses with a minimalist design. In fact, even households that do not support such a design often prefer this type of staircase. The materials used for modern staircases often include wood, glass, and wrought iron. Stainless steel is another good material commonly used for staircases. Explain That Stuff said this material is easy to clean and polish and is resistant to corrosion.

Traditional Staircases

By the term itself, traditional staircases are those that retain old designs. If you have been at your grandmother’s two-storey house at the farm, you may notice that the balustrades of her staircase are made of wood. In other homes, traditional staircases both use wood and wrought iron.

Wrought iron designs are more elaborate, with curves and lines creating a beautiful symmetry. Blackbutt is often used for these designs. According to Boral, blackbutt is a type of hardwood with an attractive coloring. Its neutral shade makes it easy to complement other home colors.

Architectural Staircases

If you have a part of your home where you want to put a staircase, but the current structure makes it a bit difficult, then you should go for architectural staircases. These staircases are made to solve a seemingly complex area at home.

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Ackworth House and other staircase designers are the ones who will provide the solution to such complex home structures. All these without compromising functionality and the overall design of your home.

With any of these types of staircases gracing your home, you’re assured of having a great-looking and truly lovely interior. In addition, you will surely impress your guests when they arrive at your home and they see the beautiful staircase that you have.

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