Choosing the Right Lawn Mowing Company for Your Home

Gardener Mowing the LawnEven if you love to maintain the lawn on your own, there are times when you are away and cannot personally attend to such task. This is where a reputable service provider can step in.

Here are some ways you can make sure that the Minneapolis lawn mowing service you hire will deliver the quality work you expect:

What You Want

Determine what you want from a mowing service. Most companies offer weed and pest control, fertilizing, mowing, aerating, and small tree and shrubbery maintenance. Be clear on what you need to be done.

Prices and Services

Determine the types of services included in their price quote. Some providers require an annual contract, while others are open to having the service discontinued anytime the client wishes to stop using the service. Ask if there will be additional charges for problems that may arise between scheduled visits.

Methods and Practices

Ask the company about the methods and practices they use. Are long-acting fertilizers involved? It’s good if they do. Do they spray for pests or problems that you have not experienced before? It may not be a good thing if they do. Do they check your soil before suggesting a fertilization program? This is also a positive sign.

Referral from Neighbors

Find out which companies provide services in your community. Ask neighbors for recommendations and which lawn mowing service they use.

Free Estimate and Inspection

Request your service provider to give a free estimate based on the inspection of your lawn. Do not work with a company who provides an annual rate readily even without seeing your lawn first.

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Determine what the company guarantees. Some providers will guarantee their performance, and others may offer a complete refund if you are not satisfied with the service.


Refer to the local Better Business Bureau to check your prospective lawn mowing service provider’s record. Make sure that the company is duly licensed to operate in your area.

Follow these suggestions to make sure that the service you hire is reputable and reliable. You will not only save money by being careful about your choice; you will also be spared of future headaches.

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