Cheap Thrills: Enjoying Your Hotel Stay for Less

Hotel Stay in BrisbaneWhen you’re a constant traveller, you’ll discover places where you would have to pay more than you expected. Cutting corners come naturally for those who are constantly on the go. Here are basic suggestions on how you can economize when you plan to stay at a hotel.

Book Early/Late – Depending on your hotel of choice, they will have pre-booking discounts or last minute cheap prices for certain rooms. This is true for most motorist hotels and even some higher end accommodations near RBH, according to

Book Multiple Nights – It’s much easier to request or be granted a discount if you’re staying for multiple nights. Even when you check online reservations, you will find discounts for more than a night’s stay. But before you finally decide don’t forget to ask about their cancellation policies just so you can still avoid being charged for nights you won’t be using.

Check Nearby Restaurants – Room service is the easiest to access food from but they can be quite expensive. Check surrounding hotspots for local fare and experience both the food and the culture on your free time. See to asking about a room with a microwave oven as well.

Avoid Peak Seasons – Peak usually means higher rates and lower chances of getting the best accommodations. If you do plan to visit an area during peak seasons, try and pick a hotel that’s a fair distance from the event. Often, hotels that are closer to the hotspots would have constant price hikes.

Bring Your Own WI-Fi – Some hotels charge for various additional services which you find essential. Take a power bank, portable Wi-Fi, or anything that you know is important to your travel and business needs. This can reduce your need for per hour or per day payment for your Wi-Fi use for accommodations that charge it.

Whether its business or pleasure, you can still economize on your hotel stays. And if you follow the advice above, you can still scrimp and have a comfortable stay. You can enjoy the stay and your bank account will enjoy the savings.

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