Buying a Baby Safety Gate-What to Consider

Baby Safety GateA recent report showed that approximately 8000 child related accidents are reported every year as a result of accidents that occur at home. Admittedly, parents need to applaud their toddler's motor skills, but it can be difficult with all the house chores that need attending. As such, parents can ensure their baby's safety by buying and strategically placing safety gates. They create physical barriers that help keep toddlers away from dangerous areas like the kitchen, staircases, and fireplaces. We will discuss important features you should consider before buying an expanding baby gate:

  • The type of baby gate

There are three kinds of baby safety gates, says The NAVIgate. Standard baby gates that fit standard doors and can adjust up to 40 inches wide, custom baby gates – they are excellent choices for folks who need to separate uniquely shaped areas while extra wide baby gates are ideal for extremely wide doors.

  • Slat spacing

An expanding baby gate should have vertical bars that are three inches apart; it helps prevent your toddler's head from getting trapped. Be sure to take your kid's height to avoid purchasing safety gates that he can climb over.

  • Mounting

It is another important factor you ought to consider. There are two types of safety gates-pressure-mounted gates and hardware-mounted safety gates. Pressure-mounted gates are excellent choices for flat areas of a home since they are portable and easy to install. Hardware-mounted safety gates, on the other hand, present more permanent security gates as they are installed by screwing them to door frames, banister rails or walls. But if you feel hesitant about drilling holes into walls, you may purchase the pressure-mounted safety gate.

  • Alarm system
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The new expanding baby gate comes fitted with alarm systems that alert you when the door doesn't close. Sometimes, the safety gate may come equipped with an alarm system with a lighter that signals when the door shuts and when it opens.

  • The release system

Baby safety gates are designed using two options: one-handed release system and the foot pedal release system. Security gates that have one handed release systems allow you to open using one hand and quickly shuts behind you; an excellent option when carrying loads of laundry. A foot pedal release system allows you to push the door open using your feet.

As you factor in all the features discussed above, be sure to remember what you need safety for your child and convenience as you carry on with daily activities. 

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