All You Need to Know about Garage Door Springs and How They Work

Garage Door Repair in Salt Lake CityA 300-pound commercial steel door opens and closes almost effortlessly. If you think the motor is the reason for this smooth operation, then you need to brush up on your garage door trivia.

The torsion spring is the component that lifts the heavy door. It is usually installed above the center, on a shaft. More specifically, it serves as counterbalance to the door’s weight.

Types of spring systems

When you see the spring above the door opening, the door has a torsion spring system. The spring winds up energizing when the door travels downward to close. This stored energy is released when the spring unwinds in order to open the door. Meanwhile, an extension spring setup is a less common type of system, where the spring stretch when the door closes.

Forces acting upon garage door springs

A 300-pound door utilizes a spring that can pull an equal amount of weight. As a result, the door becomes easier to close and open. Some industrial doors weigh as much as a few thousand pounds. Imagine the forces acting upon the spring on these doors. When something goes awry with a garage door, it is therefore not surprising when they diagnose the problem as spring-related. While these springs are especially strong and durable, they can also break with wear and tear. You will find the extension springs on both sides above the upper tracks.

Spring repair and replacement guidelines

As mentioned, the forces acting on these springs are considerably high. They are always subjected to tension. Because of repeated movement and in some cases poor maintenance garage door springs may break, and you will not be able to open the door. Right here in Salt Lake City, replacement of damaged springs is a high-risk job, and only a trained garage door repair professional with the right tools and equipment must deal with damaged springs.

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The moment your garage door stops opening and closing smoothly, you should realize there could already be a problem with the spring. Prevent sudden breakage and potential injury to persons and property and have the door checked by a professional.

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