Age With Grace: Benefits of Walk in Bathtubs

Happy senior coupleAs one ages, comfort and convenience start to take importance above all else. And with that, safety becomes a top priority, whether you are living with your family or enjoying life on solo. One area that becomes an issue with age is the use of bathrooms.

Changes in physicality and function aside, seniors also have to deal with the changing technology available. One good example is the development and availability of walk in bathtubs for seniors, like the ones offered by Heavenly Walk In Tubs, which is actually a sound investment for the future.

Here are a few benefits you could weigh to see if this kind of addition to your bathroom is worth the investment.

Adding useful features, removing bad ones

As the name suggests, walk in bathtubs come with a door on the side. This lets seniors and individuals with motor disabilities move around with ease. There are several types of specialized tubs with different features, designed to remove mere obstacles or add useful ones.

Walk in tubs usually have handrails and texture pads. Additionally, it also incorporates fast-draining capabilities, so bathing will not take up too much time. At the same time, some features like the sliding shower door are not encouraged anymore, as they can actually be a source of an accident instead of stability.

Safety for living alone

Older seniors usually experience trouble with living alone—but that does not mean that they want to lose the ability to do so. This is where the various advancements in technology can become very valuable to them.

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For instance, walk in bathtubs for seniors can remove the threat of slippage in the bathroom. Falls make seniors very vulnerable, and sometimes, the average bath accessories will not offer the same convenience.

Additional comfort

Walk in tubs have the added option for hydrotherapy in the form of jets and therapeutic air. This feature helps in providing a soothing massage, while also alleviating some of the painful symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia, among others.

The next time you are thinking of a good investment for your future, consider adding the likes of walk in bathtubs, so you can continue your lifestyle without worrying about what aging brings.

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