A Survivor’s Guide to Tough Work Days

Girl watching TVSome days are harder than others. If you had the freedom to decide each day as they arrive, there would be days when you don’t leave the bed. Your companion can be a pet, a box of pizza, and Netflix.

Sadly, it’s hard to function in a busy society when you don’t get up and push through each day. But there’s something you can do about your errant emotions so they don’t stop you from being productive.

Have Something to Look Forward to

Feeling like you can sleep all day? Change your sheets to a fresh set and prepare your bamboo comforter for when you get home from work. When the day seems to be especially tough, usually after lunch, think about being in your pajamas and in bed soon, where no one will have to talk about work or other stressful things. Give yourself small breaks throughout the day to look at cozy pictures of your room, or look for inspiration on Pinterest in case you want to redesign.

Prepare a Home-cooked Meal

Yes, fast food is convenient, cheap, and easy to get, but nothing beats a home-cooked meal when it comes to calming your nerves. If it’s a recipe from your childhood, the familiar taste will warm you up and remind you of your fondest memories. If it’s something that takes a lot of effort, preparing it is a good way to unwind and relax in your kitchen. The best part is you get to enjoy what you make. Invite some friends over or share it with the family for an instant bonding moment that will end a tough day on a good note.

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Give in to the Call of Netflix

You don’t need to fight it. If you’ve got an hour or four to spare, a Netflix binge can be healthy from time to time. It’s a way for you to let your mind rest while hopefully helping you find fresh ideas you can use the next day. Netflix has all sorts of shows that fit your mood, so go ahead and watch a thriller, rom-com, or even a health documentary.

Your body gets tired, and that’s normal. When you feel like you’re about to crash, give your body the rest it wants.

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