A Secure Entryway: Keeping Intruders Out

IntruderCrime psychology reveals that burglaries don’t require much planning. Instead, criminals keep the plan simple and pay attention to detail. Intruders often take note of houses that look susceptible to entry. A shabby door with a single lock in place, for example, will easily draw a thief’s attention.

Although they are the first line of defense against the outside world, most intruders resort to breaking through the front door because it’s the fastest way to get inside a house. Homeowners should take precautions with their doors to keep their family and property safe.

A Solid Defense Mechanism

An exterior door should be solid and durable enough to withstand a forceful kick or potential break in. Uber Doors believes that high quality materials can spell the difference between a secure home and a house prone to burglary. An ideal door should be made of solid wood, fiberglass, or metal to keep intruders out.

A Simple Design

Door windows can give your door an added allure. The drawback, however, is that it puts your home at risk because thieves can easily smash the windows to get inside. Homeowners who are keen on the aesthetic appeal of a windowed door should choose a durable material or add protective bars to discourage criminals from breaking and entering.

A Lock to Keep Them Out

Standard locks aren’t enough to keep burglars out. If you want to secure your home against forceful invasions, then installing a deadlock is the way to go. Deadlocks are hard to crack and will increase the chances of a thief getting spotted while trying to break into a house.

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Most burglaries happen as a result of inadequate home security. Thieves often target homes with easy, unhindered access they can easily sneak into undetected. Securing your front doors is a good way to discourage the criminal element from attempting a home invasion.

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