A Homeowner’s Short Guide to Drain Care and Maintenance

Drainage Maintenance in North Salt LakeYou may not see nor realize it, but your drains play a huge role in your home’s operations. You use the toilet, go to the bathroom, and use the kitchen sink several times a day. Your draining system works to efficiently and sanitarily dispose waste water on a daily basis.

If you’re one of the millions of homeowners who stress over a stubborn clogged drain, it’s time that you educate yourself about drain care and maintenance.

What causes drain clogging?

Drains typically become clogged because of accumulation of debris that you dispose along with waste water. Grease and leftover food particles are the common causes of clogging in kitchen sink drains. In the case of shower and bathtub drains, it’s typically hair strands and soap scum that cause clogging. The buildup usually grows over time and blocks the pipes completely.

What are the signs of a clogged drain?

While your drain system is not entirely visible for you to detect a blockage, there are signs that tell if it’s clogged.  According to plumbers from iRepair Plumbing Heating and Air, one sign is slow draining. If your sink or bathtub drains slower than they used to, then there must be something wrong down the pipes.

Another way to tell if drainage is clogged is when the pipes show signs of damage. When they start to crack or burst, there must be obstructions inside. Clogged drains cause pressure on the pipes and make them break when the pressure is too high.

Why is drain cleaning service important?

There are many ways to clean clogged drains, but if you want to ensure proper cleaning and save yourself from all the mess, it’s best to get drain cleaning service.

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An experienced plumber would do more than just fish the clog out of your drain. They will also examine the condition of your drainage and plumbing system. Only an experienced eye can spot signs that the system needs repair or replacement.

Keep your drains in great condition. Hire a professional service to repair damaged parts and perform regular maintenance checks.

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