5 Questions to Ask a Potential Contractor

Car entering a carportSmall mistakes can be costly. The tiniest miscalculation in designing your patio can lead to disastrous results and extra expenses. You do not want your hours of hard work to go to waste. Similarly, you do not wish to damage your home’s landscape or drainage system. There are a few important things to consider when planning for your carport in Brisbane.

Before signing the deal, make sure to ask your contractor these questions:

1.Do They Have Insurance?

You may not wish to pay for damages on your property caused by the contractors.
Your contractor should have both the employees’ compensation insurance and liability insurance. Ask for the insurance proof as evidence. This is the same for licensing. The contractor should be licensed by the relevant body to perform the work.

2.Can they Provide you with a Work Schedule?

Good contractors work within schedule. They should be able to give you and start and end date.
They should also offer the project guarantee. That is, the contractor should commit to providing repair and maintenance within the stipulated time.

3.How can they Help you with the Design?

Your selected contractor should pay attention to your needs and offer you advice when necessary. For instance, depending on the purpose for the patio, the contractor should guide you on the correct size, location, and the material.

4.Can they Give you the Estimates and the Contract?

A legitimate contractor should not give you the price range but the exact price. They should also provide you with a written contract.

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5.Can they Give you Referrals?

A legitimate contractor should not hesitate to refer you to previous clients. Once given, it would be a good idea to speak with them about the contractor. Finding a professional contractor who can guarantee high-quality work is never easy. The above tips can help you narrow down your choices. Always compare a few companies before committing to one.

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