5 Factors You Must Consider When Shopping for a New Water Heater

Purchasing a new water heater onlineAre you considering purchasing a new water heater? If you need to replace your current unit, make sure to choose an efficient type and model that suits your needs. Consider the following factors, and you’ll get the best one for your home:

Energy source, availability, and cost

The fuel type and its availability and cost in your area may limit your water heater options. The fuel type you select, in turn, may affect your unit’s size, energy efficiency, and operating costs. Many water heaters in Orem use electricity or natural gas, notes Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical. Other fuel and energy types available include solar energy, geothermal, oil, and propane.

Energy efficiency

Have an idea of how efficient a unit is before you buy it. While you may have to pay more for an efficient water heater, it will ultimately help you maximize your savings on energy and cost.

Unit size

When shopping for a water heater, you need to consider your household’s hot water needs. Select a suitably sized unit that will maximize efficiency and provide your family with adequate hot water. If you’re looking for a storage water heater, confirm how much water it can deliver per hour. For a tankless water heater, check the number of gallons the unit can heat per minute.

Expected costs

Compare the cost of buying and installing each water heater. Estimate the annual operating expenses of each of the water heaters you’re considering. Also, compare warranties and expected lifespan.


Before you settle on a water heating system, confirm if it is compatible with your home.  For instance, since adding a gas line may be expensive, you may not want to purchase a natural gas-fueled unit if your home doesn’t have access to gas lines. Similarly, solar water heating may not be useful in homes without adequate sunshine.

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There are many types and models of water heaters in Orem. When comparing different units, think about a compatible water heater that would be most affordable in the long run.

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