5 Benefits of Walk-in Tubs for Seniors

Elder person having a bathTraditional baths are hazardous to the elderly and the infirm. They pose a high risk to seniors who are not steady on their feet. A walk-in tub is an ideal solution because it is safe and eliminates the chances of bathroom injuries. Here are a few advantages of walk-in tubs for seniors.

1. Safe and Easily Accessible

Walk-in tubs have doors that open and close either on the front or in the bathtub side. This door allows the user to enter the bath without having to lift his/her leg over the threshold, as is the case for traditional bathrooms. Moreover, they are fitted with handrails for self-support, comfortable seating and anti-slip flooring.

2. Hygiene

With old age, bathing becomes a daunting task for seniors, and it affects their general health. A walk-in tub is comfortable and convenient, so they can take a bath without interfering with the bathing routine. Additionally, modern bathtubs are fitted with a bidet to help clean the body parts that are hard for them to reach.

3. Independence

Seniors usually find it difficult to ask for help especially regarding their personal hygiene because they find it embarrassing. Furthermore, it is hard for them to find a reliable person to offer the necessary assistance, which is frustrating. Having a walk-in tub helps the elderly uphold their self-sufficiency, relieving the burden of their loved ones.

4. Therapeutic

As one ages, he/she is likely to experience joint pains, especially in the knees, shoulders and hips. The modern walk-in tubs are equipped with hydrotherapy jets that help relieve the tension in the joints and stimulate the release of endorphins, which is a natural painkiller. Some sophisticated walk-in bathtubs also come with added therapeutic features such as aromatherapy and light therapy, which provide a pleasant and soothing bathing atmosphere.

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5. Quick Water Drainage

The modern walk-in tubs are fast-draining, so the user does not need to wait for long in the bathroom area. Some traditional tubs take very long to fill up and equally long to drain, making you stay in the bathroom longer than necessary. The quick draining feature significantly reduces the time the seniors take in the bathroom.

Walk-in bathtubs are certainly a safe and convenient option for the seniors. They are an excellent replacement for the otherwise risky traditional bathrooms. Your elderly loved ones will benefit from this appliance in your home.

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