4 Signs your AC needs Repair

repairman fixing the ACSummer is just around the corner, and your air conditioning (AC) units will soon work overtime to keep your home cool oblivious to the outside heat. This season is the wrong time to have your Ac malfunction and breakdown.

Do not wait until the summer months comes to Utah. Service provider Whipple Service Champions said it is such an inconvenience to have a broken air conditioning unit, so do not wait, and determine whether your AC needs repair or replacement.

Here are some signs you need to watch out for in your unit.

Air is not cold

Your AC is supposed to make your place cool, not just blow air. If your AC is not blowing cool air, it is a sign that it needs repair. The malfunction might be due to compressor failure or the lack of Freon in your unit.

Poor airflow

Another sign that your AC needs repair is when air distribution in your whole home is uneven. It might be colder in the living room than in the bedroom when the temperature to at the same level. Poor airflow in your home can be a sign of a broken compressor or a broken or clogged air duct.

Problems in the thermostat

Another possible culprit on why your rooms have different temperature might be due to a broken thermostat. When a part of your room is colder while the others are the same, then it is highly likely that your thermostat malfunctioned.

Age of your AC

Like humans, your AC is not immune to the signs of aging. When yours hit the age of 20 years or is nearing that figure, replacement, more than repair, may be the solution.

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If you are not sure on which course of action to take to fix your AC, calling in professional help for assessment and diagnosis becomes the clear choice. Give your AC the inspection it needs in order to enjoy its full cooling capacity come summer.

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