4 Non-Monetary Factors to Consider When Buying a Property

Man and woman buying a propertyDeciding on where to buy your property goes beyond the monetary factors. It’s a decision that should cut across all the areas to ensure that you make an informed decision.

Below, find some of these non-monetary factors that you should put into consideration when making your final decision on your home buying.


No matter how attractive the houses are, if the area is not safe, that’s not for you. Simply put, security is not negotiable. When property hunting, always check for security facilities such as a nearby police post, a perimeter fence with an electric fence, clear entry and exit points with guard’s etc.

Nothing gives you peace like knowing you and your loved ones are safe. Also, check the crime rate reported in the area and make an informed decision, says Forbes.


Are the roads all-weather, are the feeder roads tarmacked and does the walkways of the estate have cabro tiles? Also, consider other forms of infrastructure such as internet and mobile phone connectivity and signals. Check also the availability and the quality of the water in that particular location.

Environmental factors

Environmental factors like pollution should be considered when choosing a house. How noisy is the neighborhood? Also, consider any nearby industries whose emissions could pose a threat to your health. The number of trees and vegetation surrounding the area will tell you the quality of the air you breathe. Remember, check the weather patterns and how extreme they can get, cites Houzz.

Social amenities

Consider buying a house or building your home on a lot for sale in Cavite or any other location that has proximity to social amenities like hospitals, schools, and other recreational facilities. This does not only ensure you can easily access them, but it also means that if you are single and plan to have a family, you won’t have to shift.

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For you to be able to make ‘all factors included’ type of decision, you should be able to look beyond property value and price. The above factors will guide you in the areas to concentrate on, and that goes beyond the financial elements in your quest of finding an ideal property.

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